Grünes Gas Certified Biogas

Grünes Gas Certification

Grünes Gas is the seal of approval for environmentally friendly biogas. It is issued for biogas sourced from regional renewable raw materials that are generated by environmentally friendly means, including manure and biogeneous waste.

The Grünes Gas Certification Guarantees:

  • With genuine biogas sourced by environmentally-friendly means
  • Advancement of regional and decentralized economic activity
  • Recommendation and endorsement by leading environmental organizations and consumer information groups
  • Independent third-party certification pursuant to highest environmental standards
  • First seal of approval for biogas product options in Germany

The Grünes Gas Criteria List 2013

Gas product options awarded the Grünes Gas label contain a minimum of 10 % environmentally friendly sourced biogas. The biogas is locally produced and not produced at large-scale industrial facilities in countries far away. This strengthens rural Germany structurally and financially and supports rural communities in acting on climate change and protecting the environment. Grünes Gas stands for ecologically friendly biogas at all steps of production and assures greater transparency and credibility in the biogas market. The Grünes Gas certification is supported and endorsed by seven non-profit environmental organizations including consumer information groups and peace-furthering organizations.

Download: The Grünes Gas Criteria List 2013 (Available in German)

Translated by Silvia Strauch