Grüner Strom and Grünes Gas

The Certification of green energy products

The seal of approval named Grüner Strom is granted for green electricity 100 % sourced from renewable energy. The seal of approval named Grünes Gas is granted for biogas sourced by genuinely environmentally friendly means. Green electricity and biogas product options bearing the Grüner Strom label or the Grünes Gas label offer significant environmental advantages.

Both seals are granted by the Grüner Strom Label e.V. Association (“GSL”). GSL’s supporters are seven non-profit organizations, including environmental-, consumer information groups and peace-furthering organizations. Grüner Strom and Grünes Gas are the only seals of approval for green electricity and biogas in Germany, indicating endorsement by leading environmental organizations.

  • Green Gas
    The biogas label of environmental associations
  • Energy revolution now
    Promotion by projects
    For each sold kilowatt hour of the certified green electricity product a fixed amount goes to great projects. This is what the Grüner Strom- Label stands for.
  • Nature and environment
    Dialogue forum nature-compatible energy revolution

    We see ourselves as a mediator between energy sector, environmental protection and citizen interests.

  • For you
    by environmental and consumer associations
    Our Labels are supported by seven environmental, consumer and peace associations.
Grüner Strom - Das Ökostromlabel der Umweltverbände

Grüner Strom

A central aspect of the Grüner Strom certification is that electricity providers, electric utilities and power supply companies (the “Providers“) invest a fixed amount per kilowatt-hour in new renewable electricity generation plants.

Grünes Gas - Das Biogaslabel der Umweltverbände

Grünes Gas

Grünes Gas is the seal of approval for environmentally friendly biogas. It is issued for biogas sourced from regional renewable raw materials that are generated by environmentally friendly means, including manure and biogeneous waste.