Grüner Strom

100% green electricity

Genuine green electricity 100% sourced from renewable energy 

Guaraneed investments

New facilities and innovative energy projects

Pioneer since 1998

First seal of approval for green electricity in Germany

Grüner Strom - Das Ökostromlabel der Umweltverbände


Recommendation and endorsement by leading environmental organizations including consumer protection groups

Independent third-party certification

Highest environmental standards

Why green electricity?

1st case: There are only grey electricity customers
Some renewable electricity generation plants are connected to the network, so that some green electricity is present in the power supply. Everyone receives a relatively small percentage of green electricity.

2nd case: There are only green electricity customers

The green electricity customers get the present green electricity, while the grey electricity customers are provided by nuclear or coal-fired electricity. New renewable electricity generation plants are only build in case of an increase in demand. Everyone receives the same electricity as before as we cannot distinguish between green and grey electrons.

3rd case: There are green electricity customers of certificated tariffs
Customers that purchase electricity from a Grüner Strom-certificated tariff foster the expansion of renewable energies with each kilowatt hour. This is the only way to significantly increase the percentage of green energies. Consequently nuclear and coal-fired power plants are less and less required for a complete energy supply.

100% green electricty

The material goal of the Grüner Strom certification is the advancement of new renewable electricity generation plants, which meet exacting environmental standards and the delivery of 100 % green electricity from existing plants. An independent party verifies conformity on a regular basis. Grüner Strom is the only certification for green electricity in Germany, indicating endorsement by leading environmental organization.

Guaranteed investments

A central aspect of the Grüner Strom certification is that electricity providers, electric utilities and power supply companies (the “Providers“) invest a fixed amount per kilowatt-hour in new renewable electricity generation plants. Consumers who choose to buy power options recommended by the Grüner Strom certification actively help change the way energy is generated and used.

Recommended by environmental and consumer associations

Leading environmental and consumer associations back us! We are the only green electricity label in Germany that is supported by environmental organizations.


Independent third-party certification

The Grüner Strom-Label criteria are surveyed by an independent institute. GUTcert ensures that all criteria are assessed in an objective way and that all requirements are met. The certification is based on a detailed criteria list that was developed by energy experts and that is constantly examined and revised by the supporting associations. The Grüner Strom-Label seeks to establish more transparency and orientation in the complex green electricity market.

Pioneer since 1998

The Grüner Strom-Label is the first seal of approval for green electricity that has been established in the German energy sector. The Label was founded in 1998 by leading environmental organizations, including consumer information groups and peace-furthering organizations.

The Grüner Strom Label e.V. is a pioneer related to certication of green energy in Germany. Since the energy sector was liberalized in 1998, the association seeks to establish more transparancy in the green energy market- my means of the label Grüner Strom.

The Grüner Strom Label Criteria List

The Providers who sell a Grüner Strom certified product pledge to put a fixed amount per kilowatt-hour towards electric power generation from renewable energy such as solar, biomass or wind. This leads to an increasing number of renewable electricity generation facilities that would not otherwise have been built. A portion of the funding amounts may also be put towards projects in developing and transitional countries to help provide support structures for renewable energy systems.

Besides electric power plants, the Providers may also support other initiatives, which are spurring the transformation of the energy system such as new renewable energy storage technologies and/or electric vehicle concepts. Because environmentally minded consumers deliberately decided for the certified products our Providers have been able to realize over 1,200 new installations. More projects are in planning stages.


Grüner Strom Criteria list (PDF)

Guideline for the Grüner Strom Criteria list (available in German; PDF)

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