Grünes Gas

Genuine biogas

With genuine biogas sourced by environmentally-friendly means  


Recommendation and endorsement by leading environmental organizations and consumer information groups

Grünes Gas - Das Biogaslabel der Umweltverbände

Advancement of regional and decentralized economic activity

Independent third-party certification

Highest environmental standards


First seal of approval for biogas product options in Germany

Nature-compatible and sustainable

Grünes Gas is the seal of approval for environmentally friendly biogas and guarantees the nature-compatible production of biogas on all processing steps. It is issued for biogas sourced from regional renewable raw materials that are generated by environmentally friendly means, including manure and biogeneous waste. Genetic engineering, destruction of environmentally valueable habitats or the usage of glyphosate are not allowed!

Often green gas tariffs promise to compensate carbon dioxide. However, there are no established standards for those compensations and there is a danger of greenwashing. Local emissions are not reduced and the actual energy supply is not changed at all- the burning of sole fossil fuels continues. These practices are inhibited when purchasing products with the Grünes Gas-label!

Regional and decentralised

By using regional resources the regional value increases. The first priority is the usage of renewable resources on the local scale, e.g. manure in the rural areas or biogenic residues in the city. Moreover, the production of biogas should take place close to the location where the raw materials are generated. This is how regional structures are strengthened, while simultaneously long transports and related carbon dioxide emissions can be avoided.

Recommended by environmental and consumer associations

Leading environmental and consumer associations back us! We are the only green electricity label in Germany that is supported by environmental organizations.


Independent third-party certification

The Grüner Strom-Label criteria are surveyed by an independent institute. GUTcert ensures that all criteria are assessed in an objective way and all requirements are met. The certification is based on a detailed criteria list that was developed by energy experts and that is constantly examined and revised by the supporting associations. The Grüner Strom-Label seeks to establish more transparency and orientation in the complex green electricity market.

First seal of approval for biogas

The Grünes Gas-label is the first seal of approval for green electricity that is established in Germany. It was founded in 2013 by leading environmental organizations, including consumer information groups and peace-furthering organizations. Granting the label to a nuclear power plant operator is impossible. Furthermore, questionable carbon dioxide compensations based on natural gas production are not allowed. 

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